Our Short Term Livery can be used:

  • for competition preparation
  • to make use of our indoor arena to enhance training, especially during winter and bad weather periods
  • if you are going away on holiday or unable to ride for a while
  • for weekend stays and/or intensive training
  • we are very flexible and can adapt to customers specific requirements
  • we provide box rest


  • Our excellent facilities with horse walker, big stables, indoor and outdoor arenas are ideal for horses either on box rest or coming back into walk work. We are happy to create small turnout paddocks for introducing the horse back to grazing after confinement in the box
  • Massage, physio, teeth, saddle fitters etc. can be arranged on request. Your own support team is welcome
  • Rehabilitation in conjunction with your nominated vet
  • The smooth indoor arena surface provides good feedback for soundness checks by vets